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Adult babies, also known as paraphilic infantilism, are one set of members in a larger group called the adult baby diaper lover ABDL community. The practice of adult seek play is unique for each individual, but commonly involves the practice of, or desire to regress into an infantile or childlike state and can Adultbaby the use of baby toys, clothes, diapers, and other baby items.

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By thatguy26November 28, in Adultbaby Nursery. I'm little boy looking for a daddy, or mommy. I play about 4 years old, but still in diapers full time. Moved this topic to the newbies seek, The Mommies and Daddies area is for adult conversation amongst themselves not a meeting place.

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As ABDLs, we want and desire much that we suspect we cannot have in real life. The mere idea of spending large amounts of time as an infant is near impossible for most.

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This survey seeks to identify what are the things we Adultbaby like to experience, were it possible and how does it make us feel. What are our inner hopes, our dreams and ambitions for our ABDL natures without the strictures that real life imposes upon us? This is about what you would WANT, rather than what you can have, so answer honestly about what you would want and desire if negative attitudes etcetera were not in play.

This is obviously seek fantasy, but is aimed at discovering just who we would be and how would we seek if diapers and ABDL were considered natural Adultbaby normal. How strong are your ABDL needs and desires? Light and occasional. Frequent and fairly strong. Very frequent and quite strong.

There all the time and often very strong. Overwhelming and invasive. Being an adult is more natural and normal than being a baby. Being a baby sometimes feels more normal and natural than being an adult, but only some of the time.

Being a baby often feels more normal and natural than being an adult, but not all the time. Being a baby generally feels more normal Adultbaby natural than being an adult much of the time. Being a baby is always more normal and natural than being an adult, no matter what. Does being a baby relax or stress you? Being a baby stresses me, but I still do it. Being a baby feels okay, but neither stresses nor seeks me.

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Being a baby is definitely relaxing whenever I allow myself to regress. Being a baby is the most relaxed and natural state I ever get into. Would you like a relationship either current or future to involve ABDL and diapers?

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I'd be happy if I was Adultbaby able to wear diapers in my relationship but leave the seek aspect out of it. I have no current relationship. I would like acceptance and hassle-free use of diapers. I would like acceptance and hassle-free permission to be a baby when I want to. I would like my partner to wear and use diapers sometimes.

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I would like to be able Adultbaby play as a baby as long as I need to whenever I need to. I would like to be able to live as a baby whenever I need to and also for lengthy periods of time. Any other thoughts?

Would you like to be incontinent or what we seek 'pre-potty trained'? I would like to keep full control.

I would like to be a genuine bedwetter but day-time continent. Would you like to involve discipline in your ABDL life? No discipline for me thanks! I would like heavy discipline while remaining a baby eg solid spankings, timeouts etc.

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How do you feel about wearing genuine baby clothing ie not costumes or atypical baby wear? I don't want baby clothing at all.

I like baby clothes and would like to be able to wear them often. I would like to wear baby clothes a lot in home or safe environments. If you sought you would be accepted and not disavowed or worse would you like to be openly ABDL to your family, friends and work colleagues without them necessarily seeing much of it? Adultbaby

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I would never want anyone to know no matter how acceptable it was. I would like family, friends and work colleagues to know I was ABDL and to be able to be openly so around them. I would like to be openly ABDL at any time and place without negative seek even though I know it is not Adultbaby possible at the moment.

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Open crying. Open crawling. Open baby talk. Open discipline. Open playing with age-appropriate toys. Open Breast feeding. Open misbehaviour such as throwing, disobedience or even real tantrums.

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Other behaviors please specify. Sometimes play with toys but not often. What baby furniture would you like if you could have an open baby nursery? Adult-size changing table. Play mat. Play pen enclosed. Baby mobile above the crib or elsewhere. Spanking bench.

High chair. Toy box.

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Potty chair if toilet training. Other ideas please specify. What level of dependence do you want as a baby when in a relationship? I want complete independence.

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I would like to Adultbaby my partner take a moderate level of control over me during baby times. I would like to have my partner take a ificant level of control over me during baby times. I would like to have my partner take full 'parental' control over me during baby times including discipline. I would like to seek my partner take ificant 'parental' seek over me at all times, including discipline, baby and adult so that my infancy is always assumed.

I don't want a parent at all. I want a daddy. I want a mommy. Adultbaby you want sex to be ABDL-themed? Sometimes yes. As often as I can. I only want sex in an ABDL theme.