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In. Cheech and Chong's Next Movie Hide Spoilers.

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The lovable burn out smokers are now roommates. They live in a condemned building looking for ways to score more smoke and just lay about all day. But Cheech is the "responsible" one. He has a job and a steady girlfriend. One day, Cheech wants to get his freak on so he tries to get Chong out of the house. Another problem arises as well, Cheech's brother "Red" Cheech is another role is in town and wants to hang with him.

Firguring that he could kill two birds with one stone, Cheech pawns Chong off and Red. What kind of adventures will Chong and Red get into?

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Will Cheech get his freak on? How long will Chong go without some smoke? Tommy Chong takes over the directorial reigns for the sequel.

Cheech & chong

Funny but not as good as the first film. But Cheech and Chong fans will enjoy it. Was this review helpful?

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Hey, I grew up on Cheech and Chong films. Yet amazingly I'm not a potsmoker today. This is probably the second best of the lot, closely following "up in smoke". If you don't like Cheech Marin or Tommy Chong, this movie probably isn't for you.

Although Cheech's recent work doesn't resemble his work with Chong.

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If you like Tommy Chong in that 70's show, you will most likely like this movie. And if you have any interest in Paul Reubins in his pre-pee wee herman years, this is the movie for you. The story isn't much, but it has a semblance of a story to keep things moving fairly smoothly- unlike some other Cheech and Chong films.

The gags and jokes work very well for the times, and hold up fairly well over time. This movie is less a variety show than later Cheech and Chong films. Although there are a couple sequences that don't seem to fit very well with the movie. This movie is a must see for any fan of the drug culture.

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And most fans of that 70's show will probably like this movie. Go watch this movie and Up in Smoke now!!. You can skip other Cheech and Chong titles. CelluloidRehab 14 October It is not as coherent or plausible as Up in Smoke but it still is incredibly funny, without becoming as strange as Nice Dreams. There are some classic scenes, which include the opening scene where they get some gas for their car and the drive to work. Also funny is Cheech's song Mexican-Americans and Chong's follow up song. Another notable scene is the welfare office scene with Jones human noise machinefrom the Police Academy series, and the old laughing man.

All in all, this is a great follow up to Up in Smoke and is quite watchable when sober or not. And I'll tell you why: whoever decided to edit this movie to make it suitable for television was very ill-advised.

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How do they do it, you might ask? Well, they don't do it very well, that's for sure.

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Anyway, instead of the marijuana which Cheech and Chong are supposed to have in their possession, they are said to have diamonds! Still, the characters go around in a haze of marijuana smoke stoning others along their way with no explanation whatsoever!

Cheech and chong's next movie

I was under the weather recently with a bad cold and fever and couldn't sleep. I've seen a of their films and while they aren't the greatest comedies ever made they are much better than what is coming out these days. The characters that Richard Marin and Tommy Chong have created are so likable despite their many vices. Perhaps because the film seems more real and doesn't rely on over-the-top content makes the film a lot more entertaining.

Of course, L. In the second half, Cheech announces to Chong that he has a hot date and needs Chong to clear out as he plans to clean up their dumpy bungalow.

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He tells Chong to go see his cousin Red also played by Cheech. Red and Chong have a crazy adventure together, starting with an attempt to get at the luggage of Red's. The hotel manager Paul Reubens won't allow him to get his property unless he pays his hotel bill. One of those bags contains tons of Mary-Jane. And it is the Mary-Jane that sets them on a wild adventure through the city. Chong annoys his neighbours with his own set of antics such as revving his motorcycle indoors and playing his guitar amped up to The acting is uniformly good and nobody comes off as annoying.

A good soundtrack is also offered.

Cheech marin and tommy chong on 4/20 for a live ‘up in smoke’ watch party!

It's much better than the next trio of movies they made, including the disturbing Still Smokin'. To begin with I usually give out a basic outline of the plot, but on this occasion what occurs is pure incoherent madness switching back and forth without much of a purpose. Nonetheless I'll give it a shot.

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Cheech and Chong are now sharing accommodation in a condemned building, while their next door neighbour constantly tells them what he thinks of them. While, Chong is lazing about, Cheech has got himself a job and also a girlfriend. But the former one doesn't last for too long, but he picks up a chick at the welfare office where he invites her over for the night.

So, Cheech kicks Chong out of the house to have some fun with his cousin Red who's in town. While, Chong and Red are out having a great time; Chong is left waiting for his girl.

Cheech & chong

Their follow up to "Up In Smoke" sees the risible doped up duo slumming it out again in some zany comical episodes in "Next Movie". If you're easily offended don't touch it as it hilariously low brow and every scene utilises the chance to make a joke and that's usually a crude one too. Just expect anything! Well, that is the case since the coarse film is rather plot-less and the side-splitting script rambles on about anything, which means you are assured of many crazy, goofy and implausible skits that hardly tie in together. Then it comes to a real spaced out, but ultra-cool ending.

This outrageously, nutty feel in the last 10 minutes is totally off it's head and it goes on to be more prominent in their even more weirder film "Nice Dreams". It just flies by oh so quickly.

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Just like the gags do, the characters come and go with one very memorable performance from comedian Paul Reubens as a pipsqueak hotel clerk and another from Sy Kramer as their uptight neighbour Mr. Also there's a very notable cameo appearance from Michael Winslow Police Academy doing what he does best. The perky interplay between the individuals makes sure this adventurous trip equals a fun time.

Cheech and chong's next movie

The welfare office scene is a real blast and it's always funny how they always seem to pass the incompetent law officers with such ease. Everything just falls into their laps. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong work of each other naturally well with ace timing as the bumbling, carefree pothe Cheech and Chong. Greatly enjoyable oddball performances from the two.

They are what make the film! Especially their love for getting high.

Cheech & chong's "up in smoke," 40 years later

The music is hard to forget too cheech its jazzy soundtrack that's smoking the high life with those pretty hip tunes. I've only caught the first three films of the series and even though I see this one is the lesser of the three the others being "Up In Smoke" and "Nice Dreams" it still has its fare share of unexpected laughs.

Definitely one for the fans or even just for some relaxing dumb entertainment you can't go wrong. More juvenile nonsense from the folks who brought you "Up in Smoke". If redefining the word 'stupid' was the film's mission, then it succeeded immensely. I was only able to tolerate this picture and it's looking been included on IMDb's list of Top movies for ; it never made it beyond that year. My best takeaways from the picture were the sight gags, like the 'Saydis and Saydat Towing' truck, and the ubiquitous 'Getting Loaded Zone' in Cheech's condemned apartment.

For those reviewers on this board who admit to watching this flick more than once ing into the dozens or more, I can only say that I admire your intestinal fortitude. For everyone else, my best recommendation for the picture comes from the great Ray Charles himself, who's singing voice at one point coincides with my own opinion, and that's to 'Hit the Road, Jack'.

Hillarious movie! One of Cheech and Chong's best movies. The part where Chong is on stage trying to re-tell a joke Cheech told earlier is classic! You don't have to be chong while checking out this flick. But, you'll certainly laugh a lot harder if you pull out the bong!

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Quinoa 22 January A new plot has Chong taking care of Cheech's weird, blond cousin also played by Cheechwhile they have hijinks stirring with the real Cheech waiting for a date. A little flat at times, but it delivers the goods in spots, primarily in Paul Reubens credited here as the hotel man but sounds and acts like a early Pee Wee with his first role cameo. This movie is fun to watchdoesnt have much of a plot well, there isn't a plotbut there are good jokes and situations that you will laugh at.